"Our conclusion based on these testimonies is that the majority of World Bank sponsored projects do not serve their stated purpose, nor do they benefit the poor of India. Instead in many cases, they have caused grievous and irreversible damage to those they intend to serve.

The evidence we have heard adds up to a disturbing picture of the World Bank’s underlying agenda and operations, as it benefits those privileged with capital but pushes to despair the already vulnerable. We recommend that the World Bank should compensate those it has harmed gravely through its policies, projects, and neglect in carrying out its own environmental and social safeguards. Unless there are instituted clear and transparent mechanisms through which World Bank activities and policies can be independently monitored and audited, it would be better for the World Bank to quit operations in India."
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Amit Bhaduri, Response to the WB

Amit Bhaduri, Comments Day 1
Meher Engineer
Ramaswamy Iyer
Alejandro Nadal
Romilla Thapar
Bruce Rich
Chief Justice KK Usha
Aruna Roy
Arundhati Roy
Justice P.B. Sawant
S.P. Shukla
Sulak Sivaraksa
Justice Suresh


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