Introduction to the Bank its Agenda and Functioning

The Bank's Context within the Indian Economy    [Presentations Available]
History, Mandate and Agenda of the World Bank    [Video Available]  [Paper Available]
The Revolving Door
The Knowledge Bank    [Audio Available]
Debt    [Presentation Available]
Policy Coherence among IFI and other Donor Agencies    [Paper Available]
The Changing Nature of the Bank's Engagement in India
Impacts on Sovereignty and Democracy
Partners in the Erosion of Sovereignty
Judicial Reform    [Paper Available]
Accountability    [Video Available] [Presentation Available]
The World Bank and the Exclusion of Dalits    [Presentations Available]
Women and Microcredit Projects    [Video Available]
The Agrarian Crisis and Food Sovereignty
The World Bank and Agriculture    [Presentations Available]
Economic Policies and Food security    [Video Available]
Food Policies and the World Bank    [Presentation Available]
Privatization of Common Goods
The Privatization of Water     [Video Available]
Education    [Presentations Available]
Health    [Video Available] [Presentations Available]
Electricity Reform    [Presentation Available]
Displacement Struggles
The Urban Poor and Urban Development     [Presentations Available]
Governance in the Forest of Orissa     [Paper Available]
Mining    [Presentation Available]
Hydropower in Himanshal Pradesh    [Presentation Available]
Tourism    [Paper Available]
Adverse impact of the World Bank Funded Project on Tsunami Survivors    [Presentation Available]
Structural Adjustment at the State Level
Andhra Pradesh    [Transcript Available]
World Bank in the North East of India     [Presentation Available]
The World Bank and the Environment
The World Bank and Carbon Trading     [Video Available]
World Bank Reforms on Environmental Policies    [Presentations Available]
Toxic Materials in World Bank Projects

For videos from the jury members, view the judgement.


Arvin Kejriwal -Delhi Water Privatization
CNBC Coverage of the Tribunal
Madhura Swaminathan - World Bank and Food Security


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