Michael Goldman: The Knowledge Bank

Michael Goldman, Associate Professor at the Univeristy of Minnesota and McKnight Presidential Fellow, has done extensive work on the World Bank's functioning in the areas of Environment and knowledge production. He has written two books, "Imperial Nature", and "Privating Nature". His submission to the Tribunal covers these topics.

Excerpt: "The reality is that it is only in the last twenty years, that there have been tens of thousands of government bureaucrats, university professors, people who have become development practitioners who have been trained by World Bank or who have been trained by institutes financed by the World Bank, who have then been retained or hired as consultants or have gone through the revolving doors- working for the government and again working for the World Bank, working for the Asian Development Bank or perhaps even working for an NGO. I think most people in this room know quite obviously that if anyone who is to work in the development industry needs to have World Bank on their CVs".

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