Convenors dealing with Banking will bring forth evidence as to how the World Bank's reforms of the banking sector are detrimental to India. The All India Bank Employees' Association has been fighting the WB's specific reforms and policies over the last 15 years and is responsible for the stalling of reform efforts. The Tribunal will be an opportunity to consider the impact on those employed in the banking sector as well as other interest groups such as farmers and small industries.

Some areas that are likely to be looked at for the tribunal are Banking and fiscal reform and its impact on:

  • Poverty
  • Agriculture
  • Employment generation
  • Labour Rural Development
  • Industry and Small industries

Arvin Kejriwal -Delhi Water Privatization
Amit Bhaduri - Response to the World Bank
Madhura Swaminathan - World Bank and Food Security


Translators needed for upcoming volume on the proceedings and for the Web site
Film makers and video editors needed!
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