Parivartan is a Delhi based citizens’ movement trying to ensure a just, transparent and accountable governance.


  • Is not an NGO
  • Is a people’s movement for reinforcement of democratic values.
  • Stands and strives for strengthening of practices and systems which encourage participatory democracy including transparency and accountability


  • runs on time, money and ideas contributed by the people.
  • does not accept any project based funds from any donor organizations, whether foreign or domestic
  • meets its financial liabilities through contributions made primarily by individuals.

Parivartan was started in January 2000. The first activity was to provide relief to the taxpayers from extortionist corruption in Income Tax Department. The taxpayers in Delhi were exhorted not to pay bribes but to approach Parivartan with their grievances. About 700 grievances received till now have been resolved. Parivartan also filed a Public Interest Litigation in Delhi High Court to get certain systemic changes introduced in the Department so that such grievances do not recur. Since then, the Department has issued instructions to all its officers to implement the measures suggested by Parivartan.

Starting August 2000, Parivartan started exhorting consumers in Delhi Vidyut Board (DVB) not to pay bribes but to approach Parivartan with their grievances. Parivartan has helped around 2500 consumers in DVB till now. In a unique experiment, Parivartan workers used to sit at the entrance of 3 DVB offices everyday during public dealing hours and would exhort every consumer going in not to pay bribes inside. This had a salutary effect on the working of these offices. With the privatisation of DVB in June 2002, DVB is no more a focus area.

But soon, Parivartan realized that these activities provide immediate relief to the public suffering on account of corruption but they neither empower citizens to get their grievances resolved directly in future without Parivartan’s assistance, nor do they bring any permanent systemic changes. Parivartan then used the Delhi Right to Information Act extensively to get public grievances resolved. The Act proved very effective. Now, Parivartan started educating the public on how to use this Act to get their respective grievances resolved rather than directly intervening on behalf of citizens.

The entire focus of Parivartan now is on how to use the Right to Information to ensure transparency and accountability in governance. A number of experiments have been conducted in this area. For details, see the section on Right to Information.

Legal Status and structures at Parivartan:

Parivartan is not registered under any Act as a society or a trust or a Company. It is a people’s movement. For Income Tax purposes, it is an Association of Persons.

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