National campaign on Dalit Human Rights


The National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights (NCDHR) is part of a wider struggle to abolish "untouchability" and to "cast out caste". "Untouchability" and caste discrimination continue to be a brutal reality for more than 160 million Dalits living in India today, despite the fact that more than half a century has passed since India was born as a "democratic" and independent state.

That India and the International Community recognise and uphold that Dalit Rights are Human Rights.


That India and the International Community say no to untouchability in the new millennium.
To cast out caste so as to build a new, just social order.
To establish equality, dignity and sustainability on the face of Mother Earth


Create awareness and support for Dalit Human Rights by highlighting The World Bank in India of Dalit Human Rights in civil society.
Strengthen the unity and solidarity of Dalits and Dalit movements across the nation and the world.
Prepare status reports on Dalits (Black Papers) covering the areas of Livelihood, Education, Land& Labour, Gender Equity for Dalit Women, Life & Security, and Reservation & Employment.
Pressurise Central and State governments and State and National level statutory bodies to give top priority to Dalit Rights.
Pressurise statutory bodies of the UN and other international organisations to give top priority to Dalit issues.
To highlight the culture and contribution of Dalit Communities to society.

What You Can Do
What You Can Do
NCDHR has just produced a CD
titled "Dalit Rights: Advocacy Materials and Documents"
(NCDHR, 2002).
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