Indian Social Action Forum

INSAF (Indian Social Action Forum) was established in 1993, when the social action groups and people's movements were struggling to cope up with the changing realities of globalization & religious fundamentalism in the country. With time, it has grown into a national forum with a political thrust, bringing together over 600 social action groups, people's movements and progressive intellectuals to resist globalization, combat communalism and defend democracy. INSAF is active in over 15 states of India as a political forum of NGOs, trade unions, people's movements and grassroots organizations to garner all progressive forces in society to:


Resist Globalization

Combat Communalism

Defend Democracy

Reclaiming public water (Lekke rahenge apna paani)
Water privatization in the Asia Pacific region
Planting the Rights Seed - a human rights perspective on agriculture trade and the WTO  
DELHI'S WATER: in the grip of multinationals
Wealth from Water: the commercial allure of water and the midas touch of global capital
International people’s forum Vs the World Bank and IMF.
Global Call for Global Action against the IFIs.
Right to water
Food sovereignty
ADB quit Asia Pacific

Illegitimate debt

INSAF (Indian Social Action Forum)
A-124/6, First Floor
Katwaria Sarai, New Delhi,
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